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Young Balls

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Public Sex preferences

What's your favorite public sex places?Office
Describe the riskiest place you have had a sexual encounter?Shopping mall


Has a carYes

Education & Employment

Employment StatusStudent

Looking For

I prefer:Good Looks, Great skills, Power, Flirtatiousness, Thoughtfulness

BDSM Preferences

I live the lifestyleOnly when I can
Experience levelIntermediate
I enjoyCBT (cock & ball torture), Fisting, Femdom, Genital torture, Spanking, Tickling games, Whipping
Open To Photos & VideosYes, I love the camera

Sexual Activities

Night life:Night clubs, Strip clubs, Fetish clubs, Movies

Sexual Interests

"Off Limits":CBT

Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyBallbusting,footjob,CBT,ballslapping,ball biting,ballpunching

Spanking Preferences

Turns me on:Watch spanking porn
Positions:OTK - Over the knee, Hands bracing ankles or knees, Over the masters lap, Head or waist between legs, Kneeling on something with hands on floor, Bent under the arm, Lying on back with legs raised towards chest, Handcuffed to bed, Tied to doorway, Tied to something outside in a safe area, Legs in splits position, Other
Pain level:No limits